Risk Management Grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for projects or programs intended to avoid, prevent, or reduce the likelihood of accidental loss to WSTIP members. WSTIP members may receive up to $5,000 per year. The grant is generally used for loss prevention, loss reduction, safety, or training programs/products. Members may apply for their grant starting January 1 through December 15.

Grant conditions:

  • Maximum funding is $5,000 per member per year
  • Grant funds must be used in the year they are obtained unless you have prior approval from WSTIP
  • Grant funds may not be used to offset staff salary or overtime expenses
  • The applicant must get approval from their department head to make this grant application
  • If the grant application is similar or the same as the prior year's application, evaluation criteria for the previous year must be included in the supplemental section.
After submitting an application, you will receive a return email confirming the submittal. Grant applications are forwarded to Joanne Kerrigan (see contact information below). You may be asked to provide more information before the grant is approved. Grant approval time rarely takes more than two weeks.
Questions regarding the grant program or your application are welcomed. Please contact Joanne Kerrigan at 360.786.1647 or joanne@wstip.org.

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