other committees


WSTIP has the following committees: Audit, Board Development, Coverage Review, Data Governance, Emerging Risk and Opportunities, Governance Policy and Nominations and Elections. Each of these committees fulfill a vital role within the governance structure, allowing a smaller group of individuals to work issues. The Audit Committee and Nominations and Elections Committee are established by policy. All other committees are established by charter.

The following committees are either a subset of the Executive Committee or are the entire Executive Committee: Audit, Board Development, Coverage Review, and Governance Policy. Only Executive Committee members are on these committees.

The Risks and Opportunities Committee and Coverage Review Committee were established as Board committees and were opened to participation by Board members and member staff.

An Executive Committee member chairs most committees to ensure the charter adopted by the Executive Committee is kept and to facilitate reporting to the Committee. There is no policy requirement, but it does work well in practice.


Audit Committee

Board Development Committee

Coverage Review Committee

Governance Policy Committee

Nominations and Elections Committee

Risks and Opportunities Committee