Operator development courses (ODC)

This newly updated ODC is the result of a collaborative effort between WSTIP and the Ohio Transit Risk Pool, and the transit systems we represent.  This new course is not designed to be a supplemental to the existing ODC that was developed 10 years ago – it is designed to replace it!

The new ODC updates FTA regulations, makes changes and improvements to training techniques and methods, and contains improved graphics and HD video.  And yes, there are new scripts and actors.  The program comes complete with an Instructor Guide, Operator Workbook, Thumb Drive loaded with all videos and materials for classroom training, DVDs and more.

The new ODC is provided to all WSTIP transit systems at no additional cost.  It can be used as a stand-alone operator training program or as a supplemental to your existing training program.  It has many of the modules that you have become accustomed to including: LLLC, Operator Safety, Customer Service, and more.  Several WSTIP member transit systems and their staff were instrumental and involved in script development and editing. Their hard work and time spent was essential to the success and development of the new ODC. We extend our heartfelt thanks to: Jan Simonsen from Pullman Transit, Kris O’Brochta from Island Transit, and Mike Schmieder from Everett Transit for their many contributions.

We at WSTIP are excited to offer you this new operator training.  It has been our privilege to provide some of the tools needed to deliver safe, professional, and customer service-focused training to all our partners in safety.  Feel free to contact Chris DeVoll for any assistance you need to set up or incorporate the new ODC at your transit system.  Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

In order to get more copies of any part of the Operator Development Course, you’ll need to contact Maureen Gaeta at TAPTCO. She’s the account executive who can put in an order for you. Her contact information is below. 

Maureen L. Gaeta
Account Executive
5611 Hudson Dr. Ste 100 A
Hudson, Ohio 44236