supervisor school

WSTIP's Supervisor School is a four-day leadership program for new supervisors. Participants can take all four days or take a single course on its own. Supervisor School is made up of the following four courses: 

  • Stepping Up to Supervision

This class is targeted for those who would like to step up to the role of a supervisor with topics that include building a team, managing performance, building relationships, and recognizing results. Whether you are a new supervisor or seasoned leader, this workshop will equip you with practical tools for you to achieve team results and build a positive culture. You will discover your leadership potential and be able to implement tangible skills to step up your leadership influence. This course is taught by Jan Dwyer-Bang of Boundless Results. 

  • Managing Challenging Conversations

We've all been there before - a conversation needs to occur with our employee, but we keep pushing it off because we're dreading the discussion. These conversations are difficult because they are awkward; but with the right approach they become manageable. As supervisors, it is an essential function of our jobs to turn these difficult conversations into constructive dialogues so that our employees can stay engaged and productive members of our team. With training and practice, supervisors and employees can hone their communication techniques and use these crucial skills to navigate the challenging process of having a difficult conversation. Having a conversation to address performance is difficult, but with the right tools the process becomes manageable, effective, and successful. This course is taught by Janelle Tarasewicz, principal consultant for Aperture EQ. 

  • Successful Employee Performance Management

Attendees will learn during this interactive scenario-based workshop how to provide performance and behavior feedback that is productive and aligns with the employer's objectives, mission, and goals.  Other topics that will be discussed include the supervisor's role in coaching versus mentoring, how to engage the employee in setting realistic and achievable goals, what to not include in a performance evaluation, and how to develop a performance improvement plan. This course is taught by Janice Corbin of Sound Employment Solutions. 

  • Legal Issues for Supervisors

This training will equip supervisors with the skills needed to effectively manage personnel while minimizing the legal risk to your agency and/or themselves. The laws relating to public employment have changed dramatically over the last decade and the risks associated with not complying with these laws have increased. This training will draw on real life experiences involving transit agencies from throughout the State of Washington. This course is taught by Kristen Anger of Summit Law. 



These workshops are designed for new public transit supervisors. They will serve as refreshers for experienced supervisors and managers. Classes can be taken individually.



Registration is $75 per course. To register, login to WSTIP Learns. 

For information regarding RTAP scholarships for this event, please contact Marianna Hanefeld at



For information regarding registration or workshop content, please contact Laura Juell ( Laura can be reached at (360) 786-5049 at the Washington State Transit Insurance Pool.



Please let Laura know if you do not plan to attend after registering. Cancellations made more than a week in advance will receive a full refund.