how to file a claim

Need to report a claim or have a question about an existing claim?  Please call the WSTIP Claims Department at (888) 515-7665 or send an email to


Frequently Asked Questions


After a claim is reported by the Members or a claimant, WSTIP first determines legal liability and then assesses property or bodily injury damages. After the liability determination, assessment of damages centers on reasonableness and relation to the particular Event.

Each claim and investigation is different, so the time period varies. WSTIP strives to treat each claim as its only claim and manage the process is a fair, equitable, responsible, and efficient manner.

You can contact your own insurance and start a claim with them. If a WSTIP Member is at fault, your insurance company will contact us directly for subrogation or billing purposes. You can also contact WSTIP and we can handle your claim, but only after a liability determination is made. After fault is accepted, the first step is to receive an acceptable repair-estimate.

We cannot advise you on whether or not to seek treatment and cannot approve of any treatment as we are not medical professionals.

We cannot advise you in regards to securing legal counsel or filing suit. However; we will treat anyone and everyone in contact with us concerning a claim with the same honesty and respect.