WSTIP self-insures a portion of the cost of coverage and we also purchase insurance.  WSTIP utilizes Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. (Alliant) with Brian White and Lilian Vanvieldt as our insurance brokers. Our brokers work to secure reinsurance, excess insurance and other insurance policies we provide.  They also place coverage for individual Members such as extra limits, underground storage tank coverage, notary bonds, and other miscellaneous insurance not covered in the regular program.

Brian White, Lilian Vanvieldt

the underwriting process

Each fall we start the process to underwrite the Auto & Public Officials Liability Coverages. Those coverages are bound by December to have coverage for the period Jan - Dec. The underwriting units are mileage (for auto liability coverage) and employee counts (for public officials liability coverage).

In the spring we start the process to underwrite Auto Physical Damage & Property Coverages. These coverages are bound by June to have coverage for the period Jul - Jun. The underwriting units are vehicle values (for auto physical damage coverage) and property values (for propery coverage). 

Our staff liaison to the Broker is Tracey Christianson.