Who we are

The Washington State Transit Insurance Pool (WSTIP) is an unincorporated, not-for profit, local government risk sharing pool.  WSTIP was formed January 1, 1989 via Interlocal Agreement pursuant to RCW 39.34 and has the authority to self-insure pursuant to RCW 48.62.  We provide our public transit agency Members with the benefits of combined resources to self-insure, to purchase excess insurance, to manage claims and litigation, and receive risk management and training.  We may look like a insurance company but as a risk pool we help our Members who are motivated by a commitment to provide safe, cost-effective public transit services.  


What we dO

Since 1989, member transits have carefully cultivated the growth of WSTIP, building a surplus reserve, as well as adding and integrating programs that reduce exposure to risk, enhance safety practices and create the conditions necessary to negotiate favorable insurance rates on the open market. These programs and services include:

Claims Management           

Training  Risk Management             



Governance Education


who provides oversight

As a local government risk sharing pool, WSTIP is regulated by the Washington State Risk Manager's Office and is audited by the Washington State Auditor's Office.  WSTIP is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one voting Member Representative from each Member agency.  An Executive Committee, elected by the Board of Directors, governs in delegated, areas of Pool operations.  The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee provide oversite of the Executive Director who is responsible for the efficient operations of the Pool and its staff.  The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Pool.


To promote risk reduction with our partners.


To be the transformative and collaborative leader in transit safety and risk management. Our destination . . . zero losses!