Governance Training

New Board Member Orientation – The Executive Committee created the Board Development Committee for the expressed purpose of ensuring every new Board Member has an orientation to the Pool, has a mentor within their size group and has the opportunity for ongoing education. The Board Development Committee shall develop and maintain a written orientation program for new Member Representatives as soon as practicable after appointment. 

Continuing Education of Board Members - The Pool believes in a continual investment of knowledge for Board members for the purpose of enhancing Pool governance. To this end, the Board Development Committee shall submit a maintain a list of continuing education events for Board members each year. Changes to the list must be submitted for approval by the Executive Committee by the Annual Meeting. The Board Development Committee is also vested with reviewing Board member requests to attend events not on the list and forwarding a recommendation to the Executive Committee. Click here to view list of upcoming continuing education opportunities.

Eligibility – To be eligible for financial support to attend any continuing education event, the Member must be represented at three out of four quarterly Board meetings with one being the Annual Meeting. The eligibility requirement may be waived by the Executive Committee.

Attendance – The Member decides which Board member will attend the continuing education event with the Pool’s financial support. The Member may send more than one Board member; however, the Pool will financially support one Board member attendance only. It is anticipated that attendance at continuing education events will be in person.

Funding and Reimbursement – The Pool shall establish a fund for expenses related to continuing education such as registration fees and travel costs on an annual basis. Funding and/or reimbursement of travel expenses are governed in the Expense Reimbursement policy.

Board Education Videos

2021-06 Capital Adequacy Assessment 7/8/2021
2021-06 Driver Record Monitoring Update 7/27/2021
2021-06 Sean Hoar Network Security Update 7/27/2021
2021-06 Alliant - Property Renewal 7/27/2021
2021-06 Alliant Cyber Renewal 7/27/2021
2021-06 Alliant APD Renewal 7/27/2021
2021-03 Update on the Impact of PPPA 7/27/2021
2021-03 Actuarial Report 7/27/2021
2021-03 Target Ratio Comparison 7/27/2021
2021-03 Insurance Market Update 7/27/2021
2021-03 Risk Profiles 7/27/2021
2020-12 Pierce Transit Collision Avoidance Update 7/27/2021
2020-12 Budget 2021 7/27/2021
2020-12 Kitsap Technology Grant Update 7/27/2021
2020-12 Market Analysis with Brian White 7/27/2021
2020-12 Actuary Report Update Kevin Wick 7/27/2021
2020-12 Actuarial Report and Assessment Allocation 7/27/2021
2020-12 Grays Harbor Technology Grant Update 7/27/2021
2020-12 Training Year in Review and ASK Statistics 7/27/2021
2020-09 Actuarial Presentation 7/27/2021
2020-09 Budget Presentation 2021 7/27/2021
2020-09 Communicable Disease Coverage 7/27/2021
2020-09 Rate Sheet Segmentation Analysis 7/27/2021
2020-09 Driver Record Monitoring Contract Discussion 7/27/2021

Board Orientation

01 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
02 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
03 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
04 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
05 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
06 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
07 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
08 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
09 behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
10 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
11 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
12 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
13 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
14 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
15 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022
16 Behind the Curtain 2/9/2022

Helpful Information

Paperless Meeting Device Grant Application 11/17/2020
2021 Board Member Expense Reimbursment Form 2/10/2021
2022 Board Member Expense Reimbursement Form 1/4/2022
2022 Board Member Expense Reimbursement Form after July 1 7/6/2022