Executive Committee


WSTIP is governed by a Board of Directors who elect an Executive Committee. The Pool is governed and controlled by the Executive Committee in all respects except for those matters reserved to the Board. The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Board with respect to the annual budget, assessment of Member allocations and contributions, distributions of surplus to Members, the purchase, lease, sale, and disposal of real property, and all other matters that may come before the Board. The Executive Committee shall review and, if appropriate, approve proposed settlements for any claim or lawsuit against any Member which is proposed for settlement in an amount greater than the standing settlement authority of the Executive Director. The Executive Committee may, in its discretion, establish committees, either ad hoc or standing.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary, and four additional Member Representatives elected by the Board at the Annual Meeting.  All members of the Executive Committee shall be primary or alternate Member Representatives. Of the four Elected Member Representatives, one shall be from a small transit system, one shall be from a medium transit system, one shall be from a large transit system, and one shall be “at-large”; Provided, if no eligible Member from a small, medium, or large system is willing to serve, that position shall be open to any other Member Representative from a Member not already represented by a Member Representative on the Executive Committee.  The criteria for small, medium, and large shall be established by the Executive Committee.


The Officers of the Pool shall consist of a President, Vice President, and Secretary.  All Officers are primary or alternate Member Representatives. A Member may not have more than one Officer hold office simultaneously. The President shall chair the Board and the Executive Committee. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the temporary absence or disability of the President. The Secretary shall attest to the accuracy of governance policies passed by the Board or Executive Committee, and meeting minutes of the Board and Executive Committee. The Board shall elect a Secretary and fill vacancies in offices that had become vacant since the last election at its Annual Meeting, provided no Member Representative shall be elected, or a vacant office filled, that would result in a Member having more than one Member Representative hold office simultaneously.  The Secretary shall progress to Vice President, and the Vice President shall progress to President. The terms of office shall be one year and shall commence immediately following election of the Secretary.  

We refer users to WSTP's Bylaws for additional detail about the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee.


Shonda Shipman

Whatcom Transportation Authority


Joe Macdonald

Vice President
Skagit Transit


Monique Liard

Spokane Transit Authority


Scott Deutsch

Past President


Monique Liard

Spokane Transit Authority


Karen Thesing

Large Member Representative
Pierce Transit

1 253-358-6705

Staci Jordan

Medium Member Representative
Island Transit


Miranda Nash

Small Member Representative
Jefferson Transit Authority


Shawn Larson

At-Large Member Representative
Link Transit


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