Reasonable Suspicion Drug & Alcohol Determination for Supervisors

This seminar is designed to educate participants on USDOT/FTA regulations for conducting reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug and alcohol testing referral (under USDOT/FTA authority). At the end of this seminar, participants will have the knowledge of accountability and authority as it relates to properly trained employer representatives making the determination of when to administer reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug and/or alcohol tests for safety-sensitive employees.

Seminar Elements

• FTA Post-Accident Testing Thresholds and testing scenarios

• Reasonable Suspicion Testing Procedures and common testing errors

• Signs, symptoms, indicators of alcohol misuse, and testing scenarios

• Signs, symptoms, indicators of drug abuse, and testing scenarios

• Physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probably drug use and alcohol misuse by safety-sensitive employees

• Roles and responsibilities for employer representatives (supervisors, dispatchers, managers, and other employer representatives) called upon to make testing determinations

• Case studies and best practices for effective detection of drug use and alcohol misuse


Transit Operations and Maintenance Supervisors, Road Supervisors, Dispatchers, Other transit employer representatives, who may be called upon to make reasonable suspicion and/or post-accident drug/alcohol tester referral.


Chris DeVoll is WSTIP's Transit Risk Consultant as well as a TSI Master Instructor. Chris has a extensive background in safety, training, operations, and system management. He is pretty much the go-to guy.


There is no registration fee, but we do require you to register for this class to get an accurate account of materials needed.


This course will be held online using Zoom. Students will receive a Zoom meeting link a week prior to the course. Students should come prepared to participate with cameras on. The course will start at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 pm.


For information regarding registration or workshop content, please contact Laura Juell ( Laura can be reached at (360) 786-5049 at the Washington State Transit Insurance Pool.


Please let Laura know if you do not plan to attend after registering.