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Above & Beyond Recipients


The purpose of this Above and Beyond recognition program is to recognize individual employees that go above and beyond their expressed job responsibilities during a significant event, demonstrating courage and heroism, or other extraordinary acts deserving recognition, resulting in a saved life or lives, and/or minimizing the impact of a loss to the agency or the public. 

Award Recipients

David Cabe, Intercity Transit

On his run in late January, David Cabe contacted Dispatch and reported that a caregiver approached him looking for an elderly woman under her care who had wandered off in the neighborhood he was traveling through. She asked for his assistance to keep an eye out for her while he was in the vicinity. David continued his run and identified an elderly woman walking down the sidewalk. David approached her - she was wearing an ID bracelet that confirmed her name and home address, and brought her on board. After securing the elderly woman, he delivered her home, her husband was clearly very relieved she was returned safely and in such a timely manner. David's level of professionalism showcases the mission and vision of Intercity Transit. Supporting an accessible, sustainable, livable, prosperous community by being well-trained, highly motivated, customer-focused, community minded employee committed to enhancing the quality of life.


Honorable Mention:

Tom Pulling, Intercity Transit

Tom, the Dispatcher on duty, modeled excellent communication and exemplary teamwork throughout this event.



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Fidel Barajas, Grant Transit Authority

On February 10, 2017 at approximately 7:00 AM on his bid route, Fidel saw an SUV leave the road and flip upside down. He pulled over and observed the fuel leaking so he and a couple regular riders tried to break the side window but could not. Fidel returned to the bus to retrieve the manual handle for the bus hydraulic lift to break out the rear window and helped the lady exit the vehicle.Fidel was brave, bold, showed great mettle and tenacious. Fidel has been driving bus for Grant Transit Authority since 2013. He is a reliable and responsible driver always willing to go the extra mile with coworkers and the public alike.



Fidel Barajas, Grant Transit Authority

Willow Bunker, Island Transit

On August 29th, 2017 an Island Transit bus on Camano Island at Terry’s Corner was parked awaiting departure for the next scheduled run when a passenger boarded and after taking a seat began to handle a vaping device. After fidgeting with the device for a couple of seconds the battery from the device seems to ignite like a firework and propels itself to the front of the bus where it makes contact with the front windshield/dash and starts to smoke and catch fire. The Passenger and Willow quickly depart the bus. Willow then escorts the passenger and others who have gathered away from the bus as the vaping device battery continues to burn. Willow then returns to the bus where the device has burned and melted itself into the dash of the vehicle and uses the installed fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. She did a fantastic job handling a rare and unusual event. We are fortunate this incident only resulted in damage to the vehicle; no one was injured.


Vaping device use is prohibited similar to smoking on Island.



Willow Bunker, Island Transit


Jim Caveness, Island Transit

On Jan 10th, 2018, Jim was driving when he came upon the scene where a 16 year old boy had just been struck in an intersection by a car. The boy was lying on the ground face down but he was moving. The lady who struck the boy was outside of her car and going into hysterics. Upon approaching the scene, Jim assessed the situation and jumped into action. He positioned the bus in such a manner that no one else could access the scene at the intersection where the boy was lying on the ground. Jim laid on the ground next to the boy who had been struck to comfort him. While doing so the young boy informed Jim that he could not feel his legs. Jim comforted him by telling him that he was doing the right thing by not moving and that he would be ok. He told the boy that help was on the way.

Concerned for the woman’s state of mind Jim went over to comfort her while they were waiting for emergency services to arrive. The lady told Jim that she thought she had killed the young boy. Jim assured her that the boy was breathing and that he would be ok to get her to calm down. Jim then solicited coats including his own to place over the boy to keep him warm until help arrived. Jim remained on the scene until Emergency Services arrived. Just like business as usual Jim continued on his way unconcerned about being late for his next appointment.

Jim’s nerves of steel and his genuine compassion for the community are showcased here with his quick thinking and action oriented response.



Jim Caveness, Island Transit


Honorable Mention

Margaret Holly and Jeff Andrews, Community Transit

Margaret, a Customer Care Specialist, answered a phone call from a customer. The customer stated that he had seen a message that caused him some concern. The message was from a young person who was reaching out for help during a time of crisis.

Margaret took it upon herself to find the employee so they could help support the person in need. She reached out to our dispatch team and Jeff Andrews took the call. Between Margaret and Jeff, numerous calls were made to each other and the original caller until the correct employee was identified. The employee was relieved from duty and was able to reach out to their relative in time to prevent what could have been a tragedy. Margaret’s and Jeff’s steadfast determination to find the correct employee is appreciated.



Margaret Holly, Community Transit