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Above & Beyond Recipients


The purpose of this Above and Beyond recognition program is to recognize individual employees that go above and beyond their expressed job responsibilities during a significant event, demonstrating courage and heroism, or other extraordinary acts deserving recognition, resulting in a saved life or lives, and/or minimizing the impact of a loss to the agency or the public. 

Award Recipients
Karen Ellsworth, Jarred Gregerson, Jeff Klopp, Kirk Ladeaux, Jay Lorette, and Rudy Zinter

MASCO Petroleum showed up for an oil delivery. They came through the north gate and proceeded to stage outside the fuel bay awaiting inventory control to inform them where they wanted the oil transferred to. Karen Ellsworth from Inventory Control met the driver to show him where the oil was to go. She noticed that it was leaking a substance out of its cargo area. She had the driver pull into the fuel lane and off the lot area. She then went to get pig-mat to place on the spill as the driver went into the back of his truck to see what had spilled. As the driver was opening the cargo area of the truck, Jeff Klopp pulled up to see if help was needed. The driver opened the cargo door and Jeff and the driver saw flames shooting up the side of the interior wall of the truck. Jeff yelled fire and the driver grabbed his fire extinguisher and started to fight the fire. At this time Karen went into the PMT bay for help while Jeff called out for support. Jay Lorette, Rudy Zinter, Jarred Gregerson and Kirk Ladeaux responded to the call for help. By this time the fire had melted the upper corner of oil tote container and oil was now run out the back of the truck cargo area and all inside the bed of the truck and coming out of its seams. I was called as personnel were responding to the spill. I arrived on scene at 9:15am and found all hands in action placing absorbent material down in the truck and on the ground. Once the situation was under control I contact Jeff Dimmen to inform him of the situation. Due to fast reactions/response to the situation no oil went down any drain and all spillied oil was recovered and cleaned up properly. I ensured that the truck was not leaking any fluid onto the ground before allowing it to leave Kitsap Transit property.

Honorable Mention

Bill Rich