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ASK Transit


The ASK Transit Research Program is run by WSTIP on behalf of WSTIP and WSTA members. After a question is posed, WSTIP gathers answers from at least 15 other transit agency members. The asking party receives a neatly compiled report, including sample policies and documents when applicable to the question. The question and answer cycle usually takes around a week. WSTIP maintains the ASK groups, asks the questions, coordinates/tracks responses (if necessary following up to get answers), and returns the information to the asking party.

Completed ASK Transit reports are kept in the ASK Transit library on the WSTIP website. This library is searchable by WSTIP and WSTA members. We encourage members to search the library before submitting a question to ensure duplicate questions are not asked. There is an Acceptable Use Policy related to ASK Transit reports. The ASK Program was started in 2005.

In 2016, WSTIP processed 116 ASK Transit questions producing 111 reports. The top three categories of ASK Transit questions are operations, human resources, and safety. Other ASK Transit category groups include: finance, marketing, vanpool, administration, paratransit, and information services/technology (IT). We do not expect every agency to answer every question. However, this well utilized program has an incredible response rate with an average of 72 questions being answered by each transit agency participating.