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The Washington State Transit Insurance Pool consists of 25 Washington public transit agencies that pool their resources in order to provide and purchase insurance coverage, manage claims and litigation, and receive risk management and training. Public entity insurance pools, such as WSTIP, are allowed under RCW 48.62 and utilize an Interlocal Agreement and Bylaws to link members together. WSTIP is regulated by the Washington State Risk Manager’s Office (part of the Office of Financial Management) and is audited by the Washington State Auditor’s Office. A Board of Directors consisting of at least one representative from each member governs WSTIP. WSTIP is also recognized as a leader in public pooling by the Association of Governmental Risk Pools.

 About Us

On January 1, 1989, eight public transit agencies united to form a self-funded, liability only public insurance pool. The initial eight members were:

  • Ben Franklin Transit
  • Clallam Transit
  • Community Transit
  • Grays Harbor Transit
  • Intercity Transit
  • Jefferson Transit
  • Kitsap Transit
  • Pacific Transit

The initial combined contribution paid by the members was approximately $1.2 million with the pool providing $10 million of general/auto liability coverage with no deductibles. Pool management was shared among the member transit agencies. Over the next 20 years, the pool added staff to manage administration, claims, and member services.

Today, WSTIP’s membership has increased to 25 public transit agencies and provides a variety of insurance and risk management products to its members.

For a complete listing of members, see the Our Members tab.


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 6/16/2016 2:30 PM
Envision Administrator Forms 
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 1/4/2016 2:25 PM
WSTIP Services Overview Attachment
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 8/21/2015 12:36 PM
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  Washington State Transit Association
  Washington State Department of Transportation
collapse Annual Report
2014 WSTIP Annual Report.pdf2014 WSTIP Annual Report
2013 WSTIP Annual Report.pdf2013 WSTIP Annual Report
2012 Annual Report.pdf2012 WSTIP Annual Report
2011 WSTIP Annual Report.pdf2011 WSTIP Annual Report
2010 WSTIP Annual Report.pdf2010 WSTIP Annual Report
2009 WSTIP Annual Report.pdf2009 WSTIP Annual Report
2008 WSTIP Annual Report.pdf2008 WSTIP Annual Report
2007 WSTIP Annual Report.pdf2007 WSTIP Annual Report
collapse Audit Results
2014 Financial Audit.pdf2014 Financial Audit
2014 Accountability Audit.pdf2014 Accountability Audit
2013 Financial Audit.pdf2013 Financial Audit
WSTIP 2012 Financial Audit.pdf2012 Financial Audit
2012 Accountability Audit.pdf2012 Accountability Audit
2011 State Audit Financial Final WSTIP.pdf2011 Financial Audit
2011 State Audit Accountability Final.pdf2011 Accountability Audit
Wstip 2010 State Audit Financials.pdf2010 Financial Audit
WSTIP_2010_Accountability.pdf2010 Accountability Audit
collapse Interlocal Agreement
Yakima Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfYakima Transit Interlocal Agreement
Whatcom Transportation Authority Interlocal Agreement.pdfWhatcom Transportation Authority Interlocal Agreement
2016 Walla Walla County DRM Interlocal Agreement.pdfWalla Walla County DRM Interlocal Agreement
Valley Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfValley Transit Interlocal Agreement
Twin Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfTwin Transit Interlocal Agreement
Spokane Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfSpokane Transit Interlocal Agreement
Skagit Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfSkagit Transit Interlocal Agreement
RiverCities Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfRiverCities Transit Interlocal Agreement
Pullman Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfPullman Transit Interlocal Agreement
Pierce Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfPierce Transit Interlocal Agreement
Pierce Claims Interlocal Agreement.pdfPierce Transit Claims Interlocal Agreement 2015
Pacific Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfPacific Transit Interlocal Agreement
Mason Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfMason Transit Authority Interlocal Agreement
Mason County Driver Record Monitoring ILA.pdfMason County Driver Record Monitoring ILA
FINAL LOBBYING INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT-final.pdfLobbying Interlocal Agreement
Link Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfLink Transit Interlocal Agreement
Kitsap Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfKitsap Transit Interlocal Agreement
Jefferson Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfJefferson Transit Interlocal Agreement
Island Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfIsland Transit Interlocal Agreement
Island_County_Driver_Record_Monitoring.pdfIsland County Driver Record Monitoring ILA
Intercity Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfIntercity Transit Interlocal Agreement
Grays Harbor Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfGrays Harbor Transit Interlocal Agreement
Grant Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfGrant Transit Interlocal Agreement
Everett Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfEverett Transit Interlocal Agreement
C-Tran Interlocal Agreement.pdfC-Tran Interlocal Agreement
Community Transit Interlocal Agreeement.pdfCommunity Transit Interlocal Agreeement
Columbia County Public Transportation Interlocal Agreement.pdfColumbia County Public Transportation Interlocal Agreement
Clallam Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfClallam Transit Interlocal Agreement
City of East Wenatchee Driver Record Monitoring ILA.pdfCity of East Wenatchee Driver Record Monitoring ILA
Benton County Driver Record Monitoring ILA.pdfBenton County Driver Record Monitoring
Ben Franklin Transit Interlocal Agreement.pdfBen Franklin Transit Interlocal Agreement
Asotin County PTBA Interlocal Agreement.pdfAsotin County PTBA Interlocal Agreement
collapse Risk Manager Report
WSTIP11.pdfWSTIP 2011 Risk Manager Report
State Risk Manager WSTIP Report FYE 2010.pdf2010 State Risk Manager WSTIP Report
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